Monday, May 22, 2006

We Are All Witnesses

Game 7 action yesterday reminded me that during the Cavs/Wiz game Ygglz and I attended, we ended up on the dance-cam. I don't know why they'd pick two young professionals with beards, blazers, plastic glasses, and rally towels on their heads, or really why we were dancing in the first place when we should have been Witnessing. I'd estimate by crowd response that our dance-cam playoff performance was respectable, but in the end we got iced by the adorable little black boy who took home the win.

Reviewing our tapes and thinking strategy for next year, I'm not sure our squad has the personnel to make it to the big game. The grim final rankings:
  1. Adorable little black boy with big eyes and toothy grin
  2. Tottering old couple who barely move, aren't aware of dance-cam/basketball game
  3. Fat guy
  4. Aww-inspiring little girl with pigtails and/or toothless grin
  5. Any kid doing the robot and/or gyrating hysterically
  6. Women who do not discriminate between dance moves for the club and for family night
  7. Person(s) in your section
  8. Twenty-something professionals with towels on their heads
The roommate's going to have to learn how to do the Hustle in the offseason.


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